National Institutes of Health FY2019 R01 Funding – Massachusetts Congressional District 7

NIH Grants and Congressional Appropriations
Image: National Institutes of Health (NIH) Principal Investigators Supported on NIH Research Project Grants and History of Congressional Appropriations. NIH Rock Talk Blog. Online: Public Domain.

Fiscal Year 2019 National Institutes of Health (NIH) Funding in Massachusetts as of December 11, 2018. Data is extracted from NIH Reporter.

1 Degrading Therapeutically Important Kinases Using Small Molecules 1R01CA218278-01A1 Gray, Nathanael Schiander Dana-Farber Cancer Institute $650,235
2 Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Targeting of PI3K-P110beta/PTEN Signaling in Breast Cancer and Cancer Immunity 1R01CA233810-01 Roberts, Thomas M Dana-Farber Cancer Institute $497,522
3 Novel Therapeutic Approaches with Cdk4/6 Inhibitors for Melanoma Treatment 1R01CA236226-01 Sicinski, Peter Dana-Farber Cancer Institute $477,643
4 RNA-Binding Proteins as Molecular Integrators that Control the Response of HGSOC to Anti-Cancer Therapies 1R01CA226898-01A1 Yaffe, Michael B Massachusetts Institute of Technology $536,497
5 Transforming Mechanisms of Merkel Cell Polyoma Virus 2R01CA173023-06A1 Decaprio, James A Dana-Farber Cancer Institute $419,188
6 Targeting ALK through Degradation and Allosteric Inhibitors 2R01CA136851-10 Gray, Nathanael Schiander Dana-Farber Cancer Institute $373,272
7 Evaluating Mass Spectrometry for Intraoperative Tissue Characterization in Breast-Conserving Therapy 5R01CA201469-04 Agar, Nathalie Brigham and Women’s Hospital $393,849
8 Personalized Vaccine for Patients with AML 5R01CA212649-03 Avigan, David E Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center $699,542
9 USP7 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma 5R01CA211681-03 Buhrlage, Sara J Dana-Farber Cancer Inst $510,712
10 APOBEC Proteins as Drivers of Chromosomal Translocations in Solid Cancers 5R01CA222598-02 Chiarle, Roberto Boston Children’s Hospital $392,740
11 Elucidating the Regulation and Function of the NF1 Tumor Suppressor 5R01CA111754-14 Cichowski, Karen M Brigham and Women’s Hospital $307,135
12 Molecular Connections among UV Exposure; Red Hair; Nevi and Melanoma 5R01CA193913-04 Cui, Rutao Boston University Medical Campus $366,114
13 Discovery and Optimization of Novel Mutant-Selective Allosteric Inhibitors of EGFR T790m 5R01CA201049-04 Eck, Michael J. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute $453,318
14 Development of Diagnostic and Prognostic Tests for Esophageal Adenocarcinoma 5R01CA208599-03 Godfrey, Tony E. Boston University Medical Campus $428,383
15 Regulation of the LIN28/LET-7 Pathway In Cancer 5R01CA211328-03 Gregory, Richard I. Boston Children’s Hospital $392,740
16 How Does Malignancy Subvert Platelet and Megakaryocytic Biology? 5R01CA200748-03 Italiano, Joseph E. Brigham and Women’s Hospital $534,417
17 Inhibiting Extracellular Hsp90 to Reduce Breast Cancer Metastasis 5R01CA183119-04 Jay, Daniel G. Tufts University Boston $366,114
18 Mir-199~214 Cluster at the Crossroads of Plasticity and Malignancy in Breast Cancer 5R01CA207322-03 Karnoub, Antoine Elias Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center $383,865
19 Interplay of Mammary Luminal Cells and Environmental Factors in Establishing p53-Deficient Premalignant Field 5R01CA222560-02 Li, Zhe Brigham and Women’s Hospital $363,522
20 Polyploidy; Aneuploidy; and Genome Stability 5R01CA213404-21 Pellman, David S Dana-Farber Cancer Institute $388,303
21 Systemic RNA Delivery to Tumors 5R01CA200900-04 Shi, Jinjun Brigham and Women’s Hospital $526,391
22 Lipid-Dendrimer Micellar Nanocarriers for SIRNA/Drug Co-Delivery in MDR Cancer 5R01CA200844-04 Torchilin, Vladimir P Northeastern University $339,188
23 Reprogramming the Tumor Microenvironment via Self-Amplified RNA (Safer) Circuits 5R01CA206218-04 Weiss, Ron Massachusetts Institute of Technology $533,720
24 Dietary Control of Stem Cells in Physiology and Cancer 5R01CA211184-03 Yilmaz, Omer Massachusetts Institute of Technology $397,201



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